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Desmond Oluwashola Elliot was born on the 4th February 1974, in Lagos, Nigeria. He is best known to the world for being not only a film director, producer and a Nollywood actor, who has appeared in over two hundred movies and a great number of TV series and TV shows, but a Nigerian politician who represents the people of Surulere Constituency 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Have you ever wondered how rich Desmond Elliot is? Sources estimate that Elliot’s net worth is equal to $5 million as of late 2015, with the main source of this amount of money being, of course, his acting career. Additionally to this, Elliot has appeared in various advertisements and this has also added to his net worth. Another source of his wealth is coming from his career as a politician and the brand ambassador of Globacom.

Desmond Elliot Net Worth $5 Million

Desmond Elliot was raised in Lagos by a Yoruba father and an Igbo mother, in a polygamous family; his father had two wives and 11 children and he is the first child from the second wife. His education started at Air Force Primary School and later he attended St. John’s College. He was a student at the University of Lagos State, from which he graduated with a degree in Economics in 2003. Elliot began work as an actor in 2002; his first performances were in the TV drama series’ “One Too Much”, “Everyday People” and “Saints and Sinners”. With these appearances his net worth started growing.

Later Elliot moved to the movie industry of Nigeria, where he achieved great success, and currently he is one of the leading actors of Nollywood, who has appeared in over two hundred movies, such as “Atlanta” (2004), “Shackles of Death” (2005), “Yahoo Millionaire” (2007), and “When Love Happens” (2014), which have also added to his net worth.

Desmond Elliot joined the Nigerian movie industry in October 1999, since when he has produced more than 15 movies, but he debuted as a movie director and producer in 2008 with his first movie “Reloaded”, for which he received three nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards. In the same year, he became known for winning the award in the best supporting actor category in Drama at the Second Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards. These nominations and awards have had a huge influence on his net worth and has raised it to a much higher level.

After his 40th birthday, in September 2014, he decided to start his career in politics under the All Progressives Congress, a major opposition party. He run for Lagos State House of Assembly and won the Surulere Constituency at the Nigerian General Elections in April 2015. As a politician his net worth has been raising more and more.

Side by side with his career as an actor and politician, Elliot is also the brand ambassador of Globacom, the second largest global telecommunication network provider, owned by Mike Adenuga.

Since 2010, Elliot has been competing to become the ambassador of “The Face Of Hope Project”, a non-profit and volunteer-based organization founded to give hope to the helpless, and help fix child illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa overall.

Regarding his personal life, little is known about Desmond Elliot in the media, except the fact that he is married to Victoria Elliot, and the couple has two sets of twins. Clearly, he is a unique person who is very devoted to his career which will further increase his overall net worth.

Quick Facts

Birth date: February 4, 1974
Birth place: Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Profession:Actor, Film director, Film Producer
Education:Lagos State University
Spouse:Victoria Elliot
Nominations:Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor In Supporting Role




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