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Born as Vincent Roy Margera on the 3rd July 1956 in Chester, Pennsylvania USA, Don was an actor and a reality television personality, best known to the world for appearances next to his nephew Bam Margera in such shows as “Viva la Bam” (2003-2006), “Haggard” (2003), and “Jackass” (2006), among other differing appearances. Vincent passed away in 2015.

Have you ever wondered how rich Don Vito Margera was, at the time of his death? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Margera’s net worth was as high as $30,000, an amount earned through his career in the entertainment industry, which was active from the late ‘90s until 2009.

Don Vito Margera Net Worth $30,000

Vincent was the son of Phillip Margera and his wife Darlene. Although born in Chester, he grew up in Concord Township of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, the older brother of Phil Margera, whose children are Bam Margera and Jess Margera, which made Vincent their uncle.

His career on screen started in the early 2000s when he became a part of Bam Margera’s skating video series “CKY”. Hanging out with his nephew, Vincent got his nickname, Don Vito, given to him by Bam. Vincent continued his career on screen alongside Bam, appearing in such productions as “Jackass” (2001), and “Jackass Number Two” (2006), meantime also in “Viva la Bam” (2003-2006), while he also appeared in Bam’s directing of a feature film debut, “Haggard” in 2003. His career ended in 2009, but before that, he also made appearances in the action comedy “Hella Crazy” (2008), and “Minghags” (2009), Bam’s second film.

Regarding his personal life, Don Vito never married and before his death, he lived in a house owned by his brother, located in West Chester. From 2006 onwards, Vincent had major problems with the law – he was arrested for inappropriately touching two 12-year-old girls. He posted the bail and was released from prison, however, after the trial he was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault on a minor, and acquitted on one count. He was sentenced to 10 years of probation and had to register himself as a sex offender in Colorado and Pennsylvania. Also, he had to visit specialists to receive a mental health evaluation, and also to sort out his drinking problem.

Since being charged, Don Vito fell into depression and his health continued to deteriorate until his death, which occurred on the 15th November 2015, at just 59 years of age, in West Chester, Pennsylvania from kidney and liver failure.

Quick Facts

Birth date: July 3, 1956
Birth place: Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Death date: November 15, 2015, West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Height:1.77 m
Profession:Television personality
Parents:Darlene Margera, Phillip Margera
Siblings:Phil Margera, Belinda O’Donnell, Darlene Orange, Kevin Margera, Patrick Margera, Ruth Clark
Movies:Minghags: The Movie, Haggard: The Movie
TV shows:Viva La Bam 2003 – 2005




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