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Jules Jeptha Robertson was born in 1978, in Louisiana. He is a famous television personality, whose most famous appearances have been in the show called “Duck Dynasty”, about the Duck family and their business of making different product for duck hunters. Jep is known particularly for his unusual looks, especially his long, bushy beard, which is almost trademark of their family. Jep’s popularity has allowed him to become a very successful businessman as well as recognized in the television industry. He is now 37 years old and will probably expand his business even more. Maybe he will even become one of the bests in his sphere.

Jep Robertson Net Worth $8 Million

So how rich is Jep Robertson? It is estimated that Robertson’s net worth is $8 million. The main source of this sum of money is the family show, and his business of producing items related to hunting. Jep’s income is apparently about $3 million a year, and there is a high chance that this amount will grow as his family business becomes more popular around the country. Jep’s assets include his own collection of cars, and several properties in Louisiana. Let’s hope that Robertson will achieve a lot more, and that his business will remain successful. Maybe he will even appear in more television projects and this will allow Jep to increase his wealth.

Jep is the son of Phil Robertson and Kay Carroway, the founders of their family business and some people might even think that Robertson is just a lucky person, whose parents turned out to be very successful in business. Of course, Robertson came into the business when many things had already been done by his parents, but Jep also had to work hard in order to earn their trust and become one of the main shareholders of the company. The company was founded in 1972 and called “Duck Commander”. When this company started selling duck call it was a very new thing, but it soon became very popular. Now they are producing more items, DVDs and have many different activities. There is no doubt that the success of the “Duck Commander” had a huge impact on the growth of Jep Robertson’s net worth. In 2012 the idea to create the reality show about Duck Dynasty was fulfilled, and its popularity grew steadily so that the fourth season premiere drew 11.8 million viewers, the most-watched non-fiction cable series in history. Now it is airing its seventh season and will probably continue to be broadcast for a long time. This show also adds a lot to Jep’s net worth.

While talking about Jep’s personal life, it can be said that he is married to Jessica, and they have four children. If Jep will continue his successful career, there is a possibility that his net worth will become higher and that his own children will inherit their family business and will also start their own successful lives. There is no doubt that the Robertson family will remain recognized in the business world.

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