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John Edward Net Worth, Biography, Wiki in 2017-2016

How rich is John Edwards?

John Edwards net worth:
$3 Million

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John Edwards information

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John Edward Net Worth, Biography, Wiki 2017-2016

John Edward McGee, Jr. was born on 19 October 1969, in Glen Cove, New York, USA. He is an author, television personality, and psychic medium, best known for his television shows “John Edward Cross Country” and “Crossing Over with John Edward”. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is John Edward? As of mid-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $3 million, mostly earned through his popularity as a psychic medium. He’s written numerous books and is one of the most controversial figures in the United States. He’s made numerous guest appearances and as he continues his career it is expected that his wealth will increase.

John Edward Net Worth $3 million

When he was 15 years old, Edward met a New Jersey woman who made a psychic reading about his life and started telling him details about his life no one else knew about. It was then that he started believing in psychic abilities. He would attend Long Island University, studying health care administration while working as a phlebotomist. In 1998, he published his first book entitled “One Last Time”. This led him to appear on “Larry King Live” and his popularity since then led to the creation of his own show.

“Crossing Over with John Edward” started airing in 1999 on the Sci-Fi channel. The show involved him giving psychic reading to audience members. These include communicating with deceased friends and relatives. The audience members are not supposed to supply any information and he has also had private sessions away from the studio. The series ended its run in 2004, and two years later he would start “John Edward Cross Country” on We TV. This second series started out with Edward travelling all over the United States, but in subsequent seasons it had a set-up similar to that of his first show.

John has attracted a lot of criticism and controversy due to his psychic endeavors. A lot of critics assert that he simply uses mentalist techniques to read people. Investigations also show that he had people collecting information but many others also confirmed that he was not. A lot of people also believed that the television shows were edited and being part of the audience shows a lot of flaws in Edward’s “skills”. A study by psychologist Gary Schwartz led him to conclude that John’s abilities were genuine as written in “The Afterlife Experiments”. However another psychologist Ray Hyman went on critiquing John’s abilities. Another issue they had was after September 11, when Edward filmed meeting with families of those who suffered from the attacks. This prompted an outrage on how the show is using a tragedy to boost the ratings and the complaints led to the episode’s cancellation.

Aside from his shows, John has appeared on a lot of other popular television programs including “Entertainment Tonight”, “Family Guy”, “The View”, “Dr. Phil”, and “South Park”. He’s also written numerous books including “Crossing Over”, “After Life”, “Final Beginnings” and “Fallen Masters”.

For his personal life it is known that John is married to Sandra McGee and they have two children. The two met while he was a dance studio student and would eventually become a ballroom dancing instructor. He was a dance instructor before being discovered as a psychic medium.

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1His wife's cousin is the cartoonist Joe Matt.
2Daughter, Olivia Gabriella was born on January 25, 2007 in New York.
3Ridiculed in the South Park episode, South Park: The Biggest Douche in the Universe (2002), where Stan disproves his ESP capabilities.
4Welcomed first child son Justin on September 25, 2002. The baby weighed 10lbs.
5Is the author of two books about after-death communication - 'Crossing Over: the stories behind the stories' and 'One Last Time'.
6He enjoys ballroom dancing with his wife Sandra - a dancing instructor.
7Named one of People Magazine's '25 Most Intriguing People of 2001'.
8Claims to have the ability to contact the spirits of the dead.

1Information comes through to me in 3 basic ways seen, hearing, and feeling the energy of the person that's crossed over. In which it is a symbolic type of language.
2I went to see 'Listen to My Heart: The Songs of David Friedman.' I have been a fan of his music for years, and I was invited to opening night because I know one of the producers.
3My uncle died in 1987. I unfortunately - I saw it happen before it happened, which was really, really hard because I was 16 years old and I thought, like, Well, I'm seeing this. I'm supposed to stop this. And I couldn't.
4In my experience victims are more concerned with helping their families understand that they are still connected to them. In some rare experiences information comes through that helps understand what happened.
5I think that the majority of messages are validating messages to confirm the survival of conscious. And many times that validation message is negative or sad.
6I used to work in a hospital, in a laboratory doing phlebotomy. I was a vampire.
7I feel a buzzing at the base of my neck. It's like I'm on eternal 'vibrate' in case of an emergency.
8People are people, and they want to know about their own experiences.
9The process of receiving information for me is seeing, hearing, and feeling their energy in my frame of reference. That doesn't mean I see the individual, unfortunately.
10My view of the afterlife is that it's made of different levels, depending on how spiritual a life we live.
11I don't look at this as a religious based thing. To me this is energy based.
12Keep a journal, and learn how to see how you as an individuals sees information so you can learn your own sign language. Meditate and practice psychic self defense and surrounding yourself with prayer.
13I believe that before anybody makes the journey to the other side, we have to know on a soul level that we are leaving, whether it's an accident or illness, and we prepare ourselves to a certain degree that we won't be there in the future.
14The bonds of love are what connect us to the other side.

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