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Katie Aselton Net Worth, Biography, Wiki in 2017-2016

How rich is Katie Aselton?

Katie Aselton net worth:
$2 Million

Katie Aselton information

Katie Aselton information

Birth date: October 1, 1978
Birth place: Milbridge, Maine, United States
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession:Actor, Film Producer, Film director
Education:Narraguagus High School, Boston University
Nationality:United States of America
Spouse:Mark Duplass (m. 2006)
Children:Ora Duplass, Molly Duplass

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Katie Aselton Net Worth, Biography, Wiki 2017-2016

Kathryn Aselton is a Milbridge, Maine-born American actress, producer as well as a film director best known for her direction and acting skills in the movie “The Freebie”. Born on 1 October 1978, she has Native American ancestry. One of the most talented actresses and directors on American television and movies as of now, Katie has been active in the field since 2001.

A successful actress and a renowned director who has been very prominent in Hollywood as well as American television, how rich is Katie as of early 2016? At the present, she has been counting her net worth at $2 million. Needless to say, most of her wealth has been amassed by her involvement in the entertainment sector as an actress, director and producer. Movies like “Our Idiot Brother”, “The Freebies”, “The Puffy Chair” and several others along with numerous television shows in which Katie has performed have been the most significant in adding to her riches.

Katie Aselton Net Worth $2 Million

Raised in Milbridge, Katie was inclined towards modeling and acting from her teenage years. She participated in several beauty pageants, and won the Miss Maine Teen USA title in 1995, and she was first-runner up at Miss Teen USA in that year. Meanwhile, she attended Narraguagus High School until 1996, and went on to further education at Boston University School of Communications, before eventually dropping out of the college in order to give time for acting. Katie then moved to Los Angeles where she met Mark Duplass who helped her to initiate her acting career, and would later become her husband.

While she was still beginning her career as an actress, she studied at the American Academy of Drama for two years. Katie started her career in acting when she landed a role in the television show “Undressed” in 2001. Later, she went on to act in Hollywood movies, debuting in “The Puffy Chair” in 2005. Being a part of Hollywood, Katie has worked in movies including “Easier With Practice”, “Cyrus”, “Jeff, Who Lives At Home”, “Black Rock” and many others as an actress, as well as the director for the movie “Black Rock”.

More recently, she has appeared in movies including “The Gift” and “Sea Of Trees” and as of writing, she is on the brink of releasing the movie “Bastards”. Of course, all of these movies have added extensively to Katie’s net worth. Moreover, Katie has always been prominent on television during her acting career. She has been a part of television shows like “The Office”, “The League”, “Players”, “Revolution” and six more. Obviously, these shows have helped Katie to continue her prominence on television while also adding significantly to her rising net worth.

Talking about her personal life, Katie has been married to her co-star in the TV series “The League”, Mark Duplass since 2006. The couple is now parents to their two daughters Molly and Ora Duplass. As of now, Katie has been enjoying her life as a successful actress, producer and a renowned producer while her present net worth of $2 million has been complementing her life.

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1Miss Maine Teen 1995 Miss Teen USA, 1st Runner Up, 1995 Winner of the Jantzen Swimsuit Competion, 1995

1I'm not super nostalgic for friendships I've lost along the way. I feel like, if they were truly meaningful and really special, they would still exist. I think we grow and change, and that's okay.
2It's really fun to go back and forth from acting projects to directing projects. You don't have as much responsibility when you're acting, but you have more fun. But then you miss having that responsibility, and so you go back and torture yourself and make a movie.
3I think there are certain tenets set in place for all different types on genres. For thrillers, women usually die first. I can't say exactly why, and it's kind of a bummer... But I also can't explain why the wallflower girl in the romantic comedy always gets the guy in the end. That's just the way those movies go.
4Part of the process of acting in a film that you're also directing is really trusting the people around you to capture your vision, which hopefully you have communicated well to them.
5It took me 30 years to figure out who I really am, as a person, and who I want to surround myself with. I was very much the kind of person who would just meld in with whatever group I was near.
6I have respect for anyone who's going to go out and make a movie for a small budget and turn it into a phenomenon. God bless you. Please keep making movies. That's great. But it's not what entertains me.
7I don't love horror movies with something surreal happening. That doesn't work for me. What's terrifying is something that could actually happen to me and what I would do. I don't know how to throw a punch, and I've never had to do it.
8I think part of what makes someone a great actor is being able to walk into a situation emotionally available and open, and have all your guards down, and just have that level of trust and security in yourself to know that you could walk out on that limb with someone else and be safe.
9I love sports. I was an athlete in high school, and my school was so small we didn't have a football team, so it's the one sport I didn't bother to learn the rules to because I never went to game.
10I have a very hard time picturing myself in a room with some type of goo oozing out of an air vent and killing me; that doesn't really scare me because I don't think that's going to happen to me.
11It took me a really long time to decide who I want my circle to be and who I want to surround myself with. Once you make that choice, that is where I feel like I have built my strength. This is my life choice. These are the people that make me feel good about me, and that I love and adore and will do anything for.
12I am a very talented belcher. Very deep and bassy.
13If the opportunities are not being presented to me, I'm going to take the reins and do it. Brit Marling was not waiting for the phone to ring. The great roles are not there to be had. If you have an idea, do it.
14I love profanity, but I think if it's used too much, it just sounds a little trashy. I think it's more effective when it's dropped intelligently. I like intelligent profanity.
15I came to filmmaking as an actor looking for great characters and great opportunities, both of which are kind of hard to come by. It turns out I really love the process. And, it's exciting to be able to take my career by the reigns and make things happen for myself. Hopefully, in doing so, more opportunities will become available to me.
16If people want to talk about anything I do, they can give it any name they want. As long as they're talking about it, I think it's great.
17I would like to get jobs doing other things that aren't necessarily always with my husband. I'd like to show range - and kiss another guy.
18It's not rocket science to make a movie.
19If you're a woman, just make a freaking good movie. I don't believe in the women who say, 'It's too hard, I'm getting shot down.'
20I think I'm still trying to find my voice as a filmmaker and finding stories to tell.
21I really like oysters, and I won't eat them alone. They're just a weird thing to eat by yourself.
22I love my kids, they are amazing children, but they drive me bananas sometimes. And sometimes, I want to sell them on eBay... but I'm not going to.
23What I get really excited about are movies that I connect with emotionally. 'Deliverance' was on TV, and they don't really make movies like that anymore, just simple and scary. The truly scary thing is, 'I'm going to threaten your life, I'm going to threaten the people you love. What are you going to do about it?'
24I have always had this secret fantasy of being a Bourne girl or Bond girl, and I've never even gotten called in on one of those roles.
25There are very few shows that show women talking like strong, sassy women. Do you know what I mean? 'Sex and the City' started doing that, and that was why that was such a huge hit.
26As an actor, you're lucky if you get a month before a project starts. There are times when you get a day before a project starts. So to be able to really sit and inhabit that mind and the story is really beneficial, and it really helps for me to be able to then compartmentalize as we're shooting and detach and go somewhere else.
27By the time you are in your thirties, most of the time, you've got a job, you can pay for your rent, you can create this nice world around you. And still, you're only in your thirties - you're not that far away from your twenties, which is when you're making all of your stupid mistakes.
28I don't know what's wrong with me, but like, the second I stop working, I have a panic attack, so it's good for me to be thinking of projects ahead of time and lining things up.
29There is something really nice about learning that you can take the reins of your life and your career.
30I'd like to make mistakes on my own dime and not have a herd of people tell me what I'm doing wrong. and I'm also still trying to find and develop my voice as a filmmaker, and I think that's easier to do on your own terms than trying to satisfy a bunch of people that are paying for the movie.
31Okay, sense of humor: plus one. Being able to laugh at yourself: plus one. Being able to laugh at other people without being mean: plus one. Vanity: minus one.
32You put three girls in a house, and all of a sudden before you know it, you're talking about boys and drinking whiskey, and things go down and you get deep real quick.
33I think the idea that women can stand up and be strong and still be seen as beautiful and sexual is kind of cool, and I would like to see more of that.
34That one thing you do give up when you get married is that magic moment of meeting someone, and the sparks and the spontaneity.
35I really want women to throw their shoulders back and stand up straight and use their big girl voices and not feel like they're compromising their femininity to be strong and smart.

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