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Lawrence Wendell Pfohl was born on the 2nd June 1958 in Buffalo, New York USA. He is known to the world by the name Lex Luger, and is a professional wrestler who during his professional career, has been crowned three times as a wrestling champion, as he won two titles in the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and one title in the WWA World Heavyweight Championship. His career began in 1985 and ended in 2005.

Have you ever wondered how rich Lex Luger is? According to sources, it is estimated that Lex Luger`s overall net worth is more than $5 million, an amount earned through his career as a professional wrestler.

Lex Luger (Wrestler) Net Worth $5 Million

Since his high school days, Lex stood out as an athlete, wanting to become a professional football player. He attended Pennsylvania State University on a football scholarship, but was transferred to University Of Miami after a disagreement about his playing position, where he was on the football team with Jim Kelly, the future hall of fame football player. However, Luger`s professional football career ended in 1985, after unsuccessful ventures, as he sat out the whole seasons while being on the Green Bay Packers team.

In 1985, he earned a chance to enter the National Wrestling Alliance Florida territory, which he used pretty well, defeating Cocoa Samoa in his debut fight on 31st October 1985. In November he won the Southern Heavyweight Championship, as he defeated Wahoo McDaniel.

In 1987 he signed with WCW and on 1st July he defeated Nikita Koloff for the United States Heavyweight Championship title. Furthermore, he was in a tag team with Barry Windham with whom he won the NWA Tag Team Championship defeating Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson in 1988.

In 1991 he again won the WCW Championship title in a match against his former tag team partner Barry Windham. Luger`s next fight was against Masahiro Chono as a title defense match, which he won and defended the title, however, he soon lost it to the wrestler Sting, who defeated him at Super Brawl II in 1992.

Until his retirement in 2005, Lex managed to make new friends as well as enemies. He tagged with Davey Boy Smith in a team entitled “Allied Powers”. The duo won fights against the Blu Brothers, consisting of Ron and Don Harris and earned a chance to win the WWF Tag Team Championship, however they lost that fight against Owen Hart and Yokozama.

In 2002, he was featured on the WWA European tour, on which in Dublin, Ireland he first appeared in a tag team with Sting, fighting against Buff Bagwell and Malice ending the match in a victory. In Glasgow, Scotland, Luger fought against Sting for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship, which he won.

He retired in 2005, after one more fight against Sting, which was held in Zurich, Switzerland on 13th December; as he lost the match, he also lost his WWA title.

In 2007, Lex was inducted into the Legend`s Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

When it comes to his personal life, Luger has had trouble with the law on several occasions; one of them was a charge for a domestic dispute with Elizabeth Hulette, his girlfriend at a time. The result was a monetary fine of $2,500. Hulette later died after consuming a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. Further, he was arrested for fighting against his colleague wrestler Marcus Bagwell in a bar, for which he was sentenced to four months in prison

In 2007, Lex suffered nerve damage in his neck which resulted in temporary paralysis; however, he underwent antibiotic therapy and began a process of rehabilitation. In 2010 it was reported that he regained full control of his body and was able to walk comfortably again and to drive.

In his private life, Luger has a son and daughter from his previous marriage to Peggy.

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Birth date: June 2, 1958




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WBF Bodystars1991TV SeriesTotal Package Lex Luger (1992)
Clash of the Champions XVII1991TV MovieLex Luger
WCW Worldwide Wrestling1991TV SeriesLex Luger
Halloween Havoc1991TV MovieLex Luger
Clash of the Champions XV: Knocksville USA1991TV MovieLex Luger
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Clash of the Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite1991TV MovieLex Luger
Superboy1990TV SeriesSuperboy Mark II
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Clash of the Champions V: St. Valentine's Day Massacre1989TV MovieLex Luger
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WCW Main Event1988TV SeriesLex Luger
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The Great American Bash1987TV MovieLex Luger
Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup1987VideoLex Luger
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New Japan Pro-Wrestling 30th Anniversary 1997-19992002VideoLex Luger
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WCW Thunder1998-1999TV SeriesLex Luger The Total Package
WCW Spring Stampede1999TV MovieLex Luger
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WCW/NWO Superstar Series: Diamond Dallas Page - Feel the Bang!1998VideoLex Luger
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WWF: UK Rampage 931993VideoLex Luger
WCW SuperBrawl II1992TV MovieLex Luger



So You Think You Can Dance2011TV Series writer - 1 episode



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Archive Footage

Archive Footage

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The Bret Hart Story: The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be2005Video documentaryLex Luger
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