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Tim Duncan Net Worth

Timothy Theodore Duncan was born on 25th April 1976, in Christiansted, Virgin Islands USA. Tim is a professional basketball player playing in the positions of centre and power forward in the San Antonio Spurs team of NBA league. In addition …

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Dwight Howard Net Worth

Dwight David Howard was born on 8 December 1985, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. He is a successful professional basketball player, who now plays in the team called the “Houston Rockets”. Dwight is also known from playing in such teams as …

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Chris Bosh Net Worth

Christopher Wesson Bosh, known simply as Chris Bosh, was born in 1984, in Texas. He is a successful basketball player who is known for playing in such teams as the “Miami Heat” and “Toronto Raptors”. He is also famous for …

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Kevin Garnett Net Worth

Kevin Maurice Garnett is known as an American basketball player and also an actor who has been able to gain an estimated net worth as amazingly huge as $180 million. For 2014, Kevin’s annual salary is about 28 million dollars …

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