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Jackie Chan Net Worth

Hong Kong actor, film producer and director, stunt performer, martial artist, as well as a singer, Jackie Chan was born Chan Kong-sang on 7 April 1954, in then British Hong Kong, and has become one of the most famous actors …

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Zhang Ziyi Net Worth

Zhang Zhiyi, born on the 9th of February, 1979, is a Chinese actress, model, and brand ambassador who became famous for her roles in movies like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, and “Memoirs of Geisha”. So how much is Zhang’s net …

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Xi Jinping Net Worth

Xi Jinping was born on 15 June 1953, in Beijing China, and is known world-wide particularly since 2012, when he became the ‘paramount leader’ of China, meaning that Xi holds the three primary positions of power in the country, namely …

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Son Ye-jin Net Worth

Son Ye-Jin is a Daegu-born South Korean actress best known for her roles in romantic movies and television dramas like “A Moment To Remember”, “April Snow” among many others. The 11 January 1982-born actress, Son Ye-Jin is a Roman Catholic …

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Masakazu Morita Net Worth

Masakazu Morita was born on 21st October 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. He is an actor and voice actor, best known for his roles in Japanese anime, including “Bleach” (2004-2012), ”One Piece” (2007-2011), and others. Have you ever wondered how rich …

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Nina Dobrev Net Worth

Nina Dobrev in a Canadian-Bulgarian model, actress and singer who estimated net worth of $6 million. Nina was born on 9th of January in 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria and when she was just two years old, Nina with all family …

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