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Garry Trudeau Net Worth

Born Garretson Beekman Trudeau on the 21st July 1948, in New York City USA, Garry is a Pulitzer Prize- winning cartoonist, best known to the world for creating the comic strip Doonesbury, and the political comedy series “Alpha House” (2013-2014), …

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Brad Meltzer Net Worth

Brad Meltzer was born on the 1st April 1970 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA, and is a writer particularly of comic books, but also the author of numerous legal thrillers which are all best sellers. Moreover, his works include …

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Harvey Pekar Net Worth

Harvey Lawrence Pekar was a comic book writer, media personality and music critic, born on 8th October 1939, in Cleveland, Ohio USA, and was probably best known for his autobiographical comic series “American Splendor”, which was an inspiration for the …

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Kevin Eastman Net Worth

Kevin Brooks Eastman was born on the 30th May 1962, in Portland, Maine, USA, and is a comic book artist and writer most famous for being the co-creator of the worldwide popular children’s heroes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Besides this, …

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Mike Judge Net Worth

Mike Judge is a well-known actor, film director, animator, comedian, producer and also a musician. He is mostly known for creating ‘King of the Hill’ and ‘Beavis and Butt-head’. What is more, Mike has also created such movies as ‘Idiocracy’, …

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Nick Simmons Net Worth

Nicholas Adam Tweed-Simmons was born on 22 January 1989, in Los Angeles, California USA, of Israeli descent. Nick is a reality television personality, best known for appearing in the A&E show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”. He is also popularly known …

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