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Most Expensive Cigars in the World

Smoking is still a hobby or pastime that’s appreciated by lots of folks, regardless of age, sex and social standing, all around the planet. Many smokers buy cigarettes that are cheaper in comparison to cigars, which are generally perceived to …

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Net Worth

Elisabeth DelPadre Filarski (Hasselbeck) was born on 28th May, 1977, in Cranston, Rhode Island, of Polish (father) and Italian (mother) descent. She is an American television personality and a talk show host, while having also a career as a model. …

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John McAfee Net Worth

John McAfee is a famous Scottish-American programmer, as well as a businessman. To the public, John McAfee is perhaps best known as a founder of the global computer security software company called “McAfee, Inc.”. Founded in 1987, the company was …

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