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Ben Affleck Net Worth

Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt was born on 15 August 1972, in Berkeley, California USA, and widely known under the name of Ben Affleck is as an actor, screenwriter, film director and producer, the winner of such first-rate international awards as Oscars, …

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Dr James Andrews Net Worth

James Rheuben Andrews is a Homer, Louisiana-born American orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee, elbow and shoulder joint injuries. Born in September 1942, James Andrews is considered one of the most renowned orthopedic surgeons in the world given his links with …

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Kevin Smith Net Worth

Kevin Smith is a well-known director, producer, comic book writer, comedian and an actor. Kevin is known for creating such movies as “Clerks”, “Red State”, “Cop Out” and others. During his career, Smith has been nominated for and has won …

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Deangelo Hall Net Worth

DeAngelo Hall was born on the 19th November 1983, in Chesapeake, Virginia USA, and is a professional American Football player, who currently plays as a free safety for the NFL Washington Redskins, and has also represented the Atlanta Falcons and …

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Epic Meal Time Net Worth

“Epic Meal Time” is a famous Canadian cooking show, which currently airs new episodes on the YouTube website. “Epic Meal Time” debuted on YouTube in 2010, with the episode entitled “The Worst Pizza Ever!”, which generated a decent amount of …

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Jason Lee Net Worth

Jason Michael Lee, commonly known as Jason Lee, is a famous American actor, film and television producer, comedian, as well as a businessman. To the public, Jason Lee is perhaps best known for his appearance in Greg Garcia’s comedy series …

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