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Heidi Montag Net Worth

Heidi Blair Pratt (nee Montag) was born on 15 September 1986, in Crested Butte, Colorado USA, and is a singer/songwriter, fashion designer and author, as well as a television personality, who rose to prominence in 2006, after befriending Lauren Conrad …

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Kelly Cutrone Net Worth

Kelly Cutrone is a well-known American television personality, television producer, businesswoman, as well as a publicist. To the public, Kelly Cutrone is perhaps best known for her appearance on the reality television show called “The Hills”, where she co-starred alongside …

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Olivia Palermo Net Worth

Recently it has been estimated that Olivia Palermo’s net worth reaches the sum of 10 million dollars making her one of the richest New Yorker. Olivia Palermo is a well-known American socialite. Olivia became famous and added a decent amount …

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