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Troy Landry Net Worth, Biography & Wiki 2017

American TV star Troy Landry was born on 2 February 1965, and has lived virtually all his life in the Atchafalaya Basin region in Pierre Parte, Louisiana, USA. Troy is best known for being the star – the King of the Swamp – of the TV reality documentary series ‘Swamp People’ aired on the History Channel, which concentrates on the hunting of alligators, and which project has added significant revenue to the overall size of Troy Landry’s net worth.

So just how rich is Troy Landry? Sources estimate that currently the amount of Troy Landry’s net worth is approaching $1 million, a good deal of this wealth having come from the aforementioned TV documentary series, now in its fifth season.

Troy Landry Net Worth $1 million

The documentary drama series named Swamp People  premiered in 2010 and attracted a TV audience of more than 3.1 million. This show has subsequently become regarded as one of the most watchable on the History Channel, and regularly sets ratings record for the Channel. The main subject of the series is Troy Landry along with three generations of his family, and other colleagues who are involved in hunting alligators. What began as something of a hobby for Troy Landry has now become the  basis for a considerable business, including spin-offs of various types of merchandise marketed by Troy Landry under the trademark of his own coined phrase, “Choot ’em”, a phrase which is also now synonimous with the Swamp People program.

The whole series is fascinating because there is only a legal 30-day hunting season of alligators, to ensure that they are not over hunted, so those engaged in what has become an industry have to catch and/or kill enough alligators throughout the month-long hunting season to support their families for a whole year. Added to that, the competition is quite fierce so all have to step up their game. Troy Landry was once fortunate enough to catch 82 alligators in a day, however a normal average is  30-40 ‘gators. Since the groups that participate in hunting alligators have been doing this for quite some time, the techniques used have been passed down for generations already. The show has made stars out of those hunters featured in the program, which  is unsurprising considering that hunting alligators is at least an extreme hobby which few people engage in,  but also because Troy Landry has managed to build a substantial business and accumulate a large amount of net worth from this hunting OF what are regarded as dangerous reptiles which actually survive in large numbers on the mainland of the USA.

So apart from actually hunting alligators, such  popularity and wealth reveals Troy Landry to be a successful businessman, too.

For the record, other Swamp People cast members include Brandon Hotard – Landry, Guy Landry, Holden Landry, Marie Lacoste, Liz Cavallier, Jessica Cavallier, and Glenn Guist among many others. Of significance also is that Swamp People has reached international peaks since it has been broadcast on TV in Australia, Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, India, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany.

In his personal life, Troy Landry is married to Bernita, and their three sons are Brandon, Jacob and Chase.

Quick Facts

Birth date: February 2, 1965
Birth place: Pierre Part, Louisiana, USA
Profession:American professional alligator hunter, TV reality star
Spouse:Bernita Landry
Children:Brandon Landry, Jacob Landry, Chase Landry
Parents:Duffy Landry, Myrtle Landry
Siblings:Guy Landry, Bubba Landry
TV shows:Swamp People (2010-), Choot'Em Angry Swamp (video game), Big Head Bites It / Houdini's Last Escape / Troy's Gamble / Cannibal Gator (DVD set)

Interesting Facts

1Brother of Bubba Landry.
2Son of Duffy Landry.
3Brother of Guy Landry.
4Uncle of Holden Landry.
5Father of Brandon Landry, Jacob Landry and Chase Landry.




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